so i went skating the other day it was alittle wet but it was ok. i found this sketchy setup of ramps beside a cafe when i was on the way to the show, so i checked it out and found it even more sketchy then how i remembered. but its cool that the city allows it to be there in the first place. they need some tlc so maybe if i ever meet anyone there i’ll ask how to get involved.

also i had to go to this orientation thing about the school and what not. but one of the letures was on swedish people and their culture. it was kinda fucked up. i mean it was done by this british woman who had been here for ten+ years and married a sweden guy. so you’d think her insight into the swedish world would be something other then a few dumb jokes and some bad overheads. clearly she wasn’t the best person to have to listen to for an hour, but one of the things that she did talk about was this story of a international student who had fallen off of his bike and in town in front of a lot of people and no one came to help. the explaination for this was that swedes would not want to help the guy to further embrass him. thats kinda bullshit i mean come on, no one is going to help a guy who could be hurt laying in a street with traffic? fuck off. swedes seem to me like everyone else in the world, the kind that would help some one in obvious need.

also here are some shots of inside my school.

this is what most of the classroom/work areas look like but the one for mine is much smaller and isn’t setup yet its just got a bunch of chairs in it. everyone else has their own desk and work area and damn it i want mine!

i also went for a big ride last night. i heard you can follow the river bike path to the ocean so i try and i ended up close but at a deadend. but i’ll post photos of that soon.


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