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so oddly enough my first project really has nothing to do with design. its a story telling class and i had to come up with a story and then show it visually with a single photo. no editing, no nice cameras just me and my little digi. anyway here it is. the first is what […]

the lake


this past weekend was somewhat low key, but saturday i met up with a bunch of people from the design school and we headed out to a lake nearby for some bbq. it took some time to organise everyone and find exactly where we were trying to get but we found it and it was […]

so yeah those of you who have talked to me over the last week have heard about this kinda of dumb(but what ended up being pretty fun) project for the entire week. the project brief was to get into groups and come up with a new sport that would be played in the umea olympics. […]

last saturday


so yeah i know i’m about a full week behind so i’m going to do a big upddate here. so last saturday started out pretty easy, peter met me at my house and we rolled over to the school to hangout a bit before we had to ride over to the airport to meet our […]


I went for a big ride last friday night. I originally wanted to try and make it to the ocean but I ended up not finding the right path. So instead I just went as far as I could and then turned around and went as far as i could in the opposite direction. here […]