I went for a big ride last friday night. I originally wanted to try and make it to the ocean but I ended up not finding the right path. So instead I just went as far as I could and then turned around and went as far as i could in the opposite direction. here are some photos i took of my journey. I haven’t taken many photos of the last couple of days but I had my orientation for my course and the design school had a big bbq for all of the students last night which was pretty good. you can’t beat free hotdogs and cheap beer. although the hotdogs were kinda weird. I also recieved my information for logging onto the internet, so now i can actually get access through the school and not have to ask people for passwords. so uh yeah i still have to update with photos from this show i went to on saturday that was kinda shitty but dennis from refused was djing between bands so it made it less terrible. so yeah look forward to that…


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