last saturday


so yeah i know i’m about a full week behind so i’m going to do a big upddate here.

so last saturday started out pretty easy, peter met me at my house and we rolled over to the school to hangout a bit before we had to ride over to the airport to meet our old classmate george. he was flying in around 2pm so these photos are from when we were on our way there. the airport is really small and only about a 20min ride from school. just goes to show you how small this place really is.

after showing george around and getting him settled in i headed out to scharinska for a show. the bands playing were ux vileheads and the vectors. i was super tired and no really into going to the show so maybe thats way i didn’t really enjoy myself. its a weird venue and i’m not sure i like it much for shows. but the bands were ok so it wasn’t that bad. oh yeah and dennis from refused was djing all night so that was pretty cool. honestly i’d say that was probably the best part of the night.

ux vileheads

the vectors

so most of the week was spent just sitting around at school. but then on thursday we had a bbq at the school.

so after the bbq i met up with my friend jon and went to this guy nilus’ house it was just north of my hood. it was in this weird forest projects thing.

so yeah i am having too much trouble doing this right now so more to come soon.


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