the umea olympics


so yeah those of you who have talked to me over the last week have heard about this kinda of dumb(but what ended up being pretty fun) project for the entire week. the project brief was to get into groups and come up with a new sport that would be played in the umea olympics. so my group came up with a pretty good sport but we had trouble coming up with some creative extras. so we ended up in ballon suits, a bucket and a ball. the fact that we were far from the most entertaining group wasn’t that bad cause some groups you couldn’t figure out what was happening. but whatever here are some photos and no i didn’t get any of my groups. but i heard that i was on the 6 o’clock news here in my ballon suit that night. i’ll hope to find it on youtube soon.

so that night after the games peter organised a party at the school. beers were only like 3 dollars so pretty much everyone was there which was good. after the beer was cleaned out most of us went over to scharinska for pizza buffet and cheap beer. i actually ate and drank way too much that night so i hit the road planning on meeting up with peter at some bar on campus but i stopped at school and then home, too tired i said fuck it and went to bed.

this is where we had the party although no is there yet.


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