the lake


this past weekend was somewhat low key, but saturday i met up with a bunch of people from the design school and we headed out to a lake nearby for some bbq. it took some time to organise everyone and find exactly where we were trying to get but we found it and it was pretty cool getting to see more of umea. i also popped my second tire of that week on the way there so i was alittle pissed about having to walk the hour back in the dark forest. luckily there was a few others who didn’t have bikes so we walked it together.


it gets pretty cold here at night so we had to pretty much all get as close to the fire as possible. after the bbq we headed back home and a few of us went for a sauna(sp?). it was my first time really taking part in something like this, alittle gay but overall it was nice. so i cut my night off there and headed home.

sunday ended up being quite productive day. i headed into town hoping to find a new tube for my bike but the shit store was closed and the only other game in town doesn’t carry my size. so i was pretty frustrated but when i got to school i met up with my friend george. he was trying to fix up a bike he was putting together, so i helped him get things started. earlier in the week a third year student named daniel gave me two bike frames one being a gt mountain bike frame and the other being a pennelli(62). so being down in the shop i figured that i might as well start putting together my winter bike. i had also found a bush bike(bike found in bush) that i was going to use for parts. i got it almost ridable but not quite. so in the coming weeks i’ll update with so photos.

the rest of the day was spent at a cafe, with peter and a few others. i dont know if i have mentioned it but here in sweden they have something called fika. and basically fika is a word for coffee break but they take it pretty seriously here. two fikas a day at least but weekend ones seem to last for a couple of hours.

oh yeah and after we left the cafe some of the guys we were with wanted to go get mcdonalds. so here are some shots of what it looks like here.

oh yeah and umea was the first place in the world that mcdonalds had to close. this was because the vegans here in the 90’s were so militant that after countless times of trashing the place at night and setting it on fire, they had to shut it down. now years later this is how they came back.


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