first project of the year.


so oddly enough my first project really has nothing to do with design. its a story telling class and i had to come up with a story and then show it visually with a single photo. no editing, no nice cameras just me and my little digi. anyway here it is. the first is what i’m submiting but the others are just a few that i liked.

this guy was really cool about me taking his photo. he works and lives in a house for recovering alcoholics. they fix up bikes and sell them back to people, to help them reintegrate back into a sober lifestyle. drinking is a huge problem here in sweden. these guys have to face customers everyday all day who know why they are there selling and fixing bikes. most of them have lost everything due to the bottle and end up here try to pick up the pieces.

the kid made me think of holden kaufield(sp?)

these two are actually so wasted. they had a bag half full of empties and half of full beers. they were really cool and talked to me for awhile. not sure what their story was other than she was orginally from vience and he is from stockhom, that they live out of town and of course that they love to drink and smoke.


One Response to “first project of the year.”

  1. 1 anto

    hi drew. sweden looks nice.

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