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tristress AC4 fuck. overall the punkfest thing here was pretty good. missed a couple of bands that i wanted to see but nothing major. going to shows here is actually pretty different from home, attitude and the atmosphere is kinda weird but i guess not knowing many people or speaking the language changes things abit. […]

fuck home sickness. it sucks that i’m stuck here. T4L

oh yeah


we also had a party for the new students (me and others of course) it consisted of dinner and a super rave. so super the fire depo was called. and here is the first two storyboards for my latest storytelling project. and finally i know this isn’t as good as the fuckup helloween shows but… […]

long over due


this is my second storytelling project that i actually finished the next day after that last one. so yeah i know i’m supper lazy. anyway same type of format tell a story with minial amount of frames no editing and finish in 24hours. the guy in the shots is my friend john. hes swedish and […]