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the view out my front door. remains of the once strong straightedge vegan movement that once made mcdonalds have to close for the first time in history. my current setup at school.

went out last night for these guys birthdays peace

mr. repsonsible

christmas went to london with my sister for a few days this bar was in a horse stable. its kinda overpriced and whatever but cool nontheless big benny this is my sister’s street in Leeds christmas dinner desert (homemade) overall it was a great trip. i want to go back asap and see more of […]


so once agian i have waited for a few weeks before an update. usually its cause not much has happened but actually a lot has been going for once. so since the last post the snow has come and so has the ice. i have had to stop riding my bike for fear of death […]


So once again i have failed at keeping this regular. but i mean i’m in sweden and not a lot happens here. to recap on the last couple of weeks. i saw Randy, one of the punk bands that i loved as a preteen. they were actually pretty cool to see. I also went to […]