so this is what i have been up to lately.

Life drawing. every tuesday.

necessary night time shot

dinner parties.

regular parties

record shopping

glamor shots

more party

getting sidewayz

oh yeah i do some work sometimes as well.






overall the punkfest thing here was pretty good. missed a couple of bands that i wanted to see but nothing major. going to shows here is actually pretty different from home, attitude and the atmosphere is kinda weird but i guess not knowing many people or speaking the language changes things abit. highlights would have been the regulations set (they covered nirvana and blackflag) ,masshysteria and AC4.

also that same weekend i tried to find a record store that might have some stuff but it was slim pickings and i didn’t find anything. but i did pick up some stuff at the shows. masshysteria test press ,regulations 7″ and the tour pressing of 100 too. its weird that there wasn’t any distros or anything. i have no idea how people get records here other then mailorder. so never take for granted that we have at least 3 really great shops in toronto.

oh yeah i got the kamikatze record at that first show i went to.

fuck home sickness. it sucks that i’m stuck here.


oh yeah


we also had a party for the new students (me and others of course) it consisted of dinner and a super rave. so super the fire depo was called.

and here is the first two storyboards for my latest storytelling project.

and finally i know this isn’t as good as the fuckup helloween shows but…

my camera battery is dead but i’m hoping to find someone to lend me one for tonight.

long over due


this is my second storytelling project that i actually finished the next day after that last one. so yeah i know i’m supper lazy. anyway same type of format tell a story with minial amount of frames no editing and finish in 24hours. the guy in the shots is my friend john. hes swedish and he one of the few people here who i think could fit in at the velodrome.

hes writing “life is beautiful”

so oddly enough my first project really has nothing to do with design. its a story telling class and i had to come up with a story and then show it visually with a single photo. no editing, no nice cameras just me and my little digi. anyway here it is. the first is what i’m submiting but the others are just a few that i liked.

this guy was really cool about me taking his photo. he works and lives in a house for recovering alcoholics. they fix up bikes and sell them back to people, to help them reintegrate back into a sober lifestyle. drinking is a huge problem here in sweden. these guys have to face customers everyday all day who know why they are there selling and fixing bikes. most of them have lost everything due to the bottle and end up here try to pick up the pieces.

the kid made me think of holden kaufield(sp?)

these two are actually so wasted. they had a bag half full of empties and half of full beers. they were really cool and talked to me for awhile. not sure what their story was other than she was orginally from vience and he is from stockhom, that they live out of town and of course that they love to drink and smoke.

the lake


this past weekend was somewhat low key, but saturday i met up with a bunch of people from the design school and we headed out to a lake nearby for some bbq. it took some time to organise everyone and find exactly where we were trying to get but we found it and it was pretty cool getting to see more of umea. i also popped my second tire of that week on the way there so i was alittle pissed about having to walk the hour back in the dark forest. luckily there was a few others who didn’t have bikes so we walked it together.


it gets pretty cold here at night so we had to pretty much all get as close to the fire as possible. after the bbq we headed back home and a few of us went for a sauna(sp?). it was my first time really taking part in something like this, alittle gay but overall it was nice. so i cut my night off there and headed home.

sunday ended up being quite productive day. i headed into town hoping to find a new tube for my bike but the shit store was closed and the only other game in town doesn’t carry my size. so i was pretty frustrated but when i got to school i met up with my friend george. he was trying to fix up a bike he was putting together, so i helped him get things started. earlier in the week a third year student named daniel gave me two bike frames one being a gt mountain bike frame and the other being a pennelli(62). so being down in the shop i figured that i might as well start putting together my winter bike. i had also found a bush bike(bike found in bush) that i was going to use for parts. i got it almost ridable but not quite. so in the coming weeks i’ll update with so photos.

the rest of the day was spent at a cafe, with peter and a few others. i dont know if i have mentioned it but here in sweden they have something called fika. and basically fika is a word for coffee break but they take it pretty seriously here. two fikas a day at least but weekend ones seem to last for a couple of hours.

oh yeah and after we left the cafe some of the guys we were with wanted to go get mcdonalds. so here are some shots of what it looks like here.

oh yeah and umea was the first place in the world that mcdonalds had to close. this was because the vegans here in the 90’s were so militant that after countless times of trashing the place at night and setting it on fire, they had to shut it down. now years later this is how they came back.