the view out my front door.


remains of the once strong straightedge vegan movement that once made mcdonalds have to close for the first time in history.


my current setup at school.

went out last night for these guys birthdays













mr. repsonsible


went to london with my sister for a few days





this bar was in a horse stable. its kinda overpriced and whatever but cool nontheless


big benny


this is my sister’s street in Leeds


christmas dinner


desert (homemade)

overall it was a great trip. i want to go back asap and see more of london. as for the rest of the holidays i pretty much got really drunk most of the time and worked. new years was good but i have no photos. ever since i broke my camera screen i haven’t taken much photos but i’ll try and get back on the program.


so once agian i have waited for a few weeks before an update. usually its cause not much has happened but actually a lot has been going for once. so since the last post the snow has come and so has the ice. i have had to stop riding my bike for fear of death but my winter bike should be up and running soon. even though i say that all the time.

i have got a job at this bar that i go to a lot called scharinska. i have only done one shift so far but it seems to be a good place to work. they have the best shows and parties there so now at least i can get paid to see bands and have a reason not to spend all my money on beer.

last week i finally got out of Umea for the first time since being here. it was a much needed change of pace. I went down to stockholm to see fucked up play. the show itself was pretty weak, the crowds here in sweden dont move or do anything for that matter. but fucked up did a great set and i got really wasted and pushed and stepped on people. i should also mention that my friend jimmy escorted me down to stockholm and showed me around a lot. he also used to work at a bunch of different bars so he hooked up cheap drinks everywhere we went which was great, including the bar that fucked up played. also the place they played is a bar that is under a bridge which was pretty cool. the only down side to the show was that i didnt’ have any batteries left in my camera to take photos. and on top of that during a cover of nervous breakdown i was on damian’s back and he fell back onto the stage crushing the screen on my camera. Also we stayed in a friend of jimmy’s that is a soon to be swedish movie star or something. Shes about to star in some adaptation of a really famous swedish novel. she was really cool and accommidating. She took us to a Pho spot as well but it was just ok not as good as home.

after getting back from stockholm i was going crazy trying to catch up on projects that i had fallen behind on and eventually got really sick from all of the drinking and not sleeping. i also finished my film project which was terrible and really embrassing. cause my most of my school showed up for the piermer and fuck i never want to go through that agian. never make a film that is super personal and show it to a bunch of people you have to see everyday for another 6 months.

anyway here are some photos that i do have from the last couple of weeks.






yeah this is one of the only photos that was taken in stockholm somehow i managed not to take any of the city or the places i went but trust me its awesome.


So once again i have failed at keeping this regular. but i mean i’m in sweden and not a lot happens here. to recap on the last couple of weeks. i saw Randy, one of the punk bands that i loved as a preteen. they were actually pretty cool to see. I also went to multiple electro parties that seem to happen here all the time but they aren’t that bad if your drunk enough. and yeah it got really foggy here for a couple of days and it was nice to ride through even though i couldn’t see to far infront of me. i have also had a few projects that keep me quite busy most of the time. oh yeah and i started reading shogun for the second time cause i love it that much. but all in all not much on the swedish front.



oh yeah and i got tattooed by my friend jimmy and then i tattooed him. just your average thrusday night.